What are your operating hours?
Our first appointment has an arrival time of 8.00am through to our last arrival time between 4pm and 5pm.

Do you work Saturdays?
Yes. Super Quick Oil Change Mechanics come to you for car service 6 days a week – Monday to Saturday.

Do you work Public Holidays?
Due to the fact that we provide vehicle service and no vehicle repairs, which sometimes can be urgent, we don’t provide any service on the following public holidays: Christmas and Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday and Anzac Day. All other public holidays, service is available with a $25 surcharge.

Do you charge for travel time?
No, we never charge for travel time.

How does your pricing work?
We strive to offer high quality service at an affordable price and if your vehicle’s oil change service is more than our $179 flat fee we’ll let you know before we start. All other services can be quoted upfront as well.

Will I know how much a service will end up costing or will I get a big surprise?
Most small and mid-size vehicles will be covered with the $179 for a service with the 20 point inspection. If it’s going to cost more or if you need other services done, we’ll quote you before getting started – no nasty surprises.

Do I have to pay on the day of the job and how can I pay?
Yes. Payment needs to be made at the completion of the job. We accept Cash, EFTPOS, and all major Credit Cards.

Do I need to be present when you are changing my oil?
No, you don’t necessarily need to be present when we do an oil change. We can even make arrangements at the time of scheduling to pick up your keys and payment.

Does super Quick Oil Change do any Car repairs?
Although we only employ fully qualified Mechanics, we focus on providing a fast and efficient service and therefore specialise in vehicle service and maintenance only and don’t offer any fault findings or repairs. Please refer to our additional service page for details on extra services.

Are your technicians qualified?
Yes we only employ fully qualified Mechanics

Are your workers contractors or employees?
All Super Quick Oil Change Mechanics are Employees, not contractors. They operate company vans to meet and provide the high customer standards of Super Quick Oil Change

How soon can a technician come to me?
We can usually organise same or next business day bookings.

What area do you cover?
We cover all of Perth and the surrounding cities and suburbs. If you aren’t sure give us a call.

What about oil spills in the parking lot or my driveway?
Our best defence is having everyone properly trained on how to do an oil change. Next we use oversize drain pans to catch all the oil that it being drained from your vehicle. We also lay down a large spill matt that has rubber backing and an oil absorbent material on the top to keep oil from getting to the ground. Also, we carry an emergency spill kit just in case.

What if the weather is bad, if it’s raining?
We will work in the rain. Our Mechanics have a marquee for that situation. In the event of severe weather, we will contact you about rescheduling.

What is the warranty on your work?
All our services are fully warranted – please refer to our Warranty page.

Is Super Quick Oil Change insured?
Yes, we are fully insured.

What do you do with the old oil and filter?
All old material is recycled with approved recyclers.